Sunday, 15 January 2017

Very sad news, Babette Cole - Author of "Dr Dog" and "Princess Smartypants" has died...

Such sad news today. Babette Cole, author and illustrator of many many children's stories including "Dr Dog" and "Princess Smartypants" has died at the far too young age of 68.

Babette's work was a mainstay of my growing up, her fantastic illustrations for other authors - and of course her own brilliant children's books were part of Charlotte's growing up too. We borrowed "Dr Dog" from our local library and had to own it, and the equally fab sequel "A Dose of Dr Dog" too.

Babette's ultimate mighty girl though was Princess Smartypants - a girl who eschewed the usual pretty dresses and endless supplies of shoes to pursue her own dreams. A clever lass, just like Babette herself.

She was always a funny and warm person to converse with over email or via Twitter, and someone whose work we loved sharing with others.

It's a very sad day for children's literature indeed.