Friday 27 January 2017

ReadItDaddy's Book of the Week - Week Ending 27th January 2017 - "Where's the Ballerina?" by Anna Claybourne and Abigail Goh (Ivy Kids Press)

Wow! This is a distinctly different "Book of the Week" winner..never judge a book by its cover!
"Where's the Ballerina: Find the Ballerina hidden in the Ballets" had us both fooled for a second, the moment we saw the cover.

We've seen so many hyper-detailed observation books. You name it, and there's probably been a "Where's the (insert character, franchise)" book featuring just about everything you can think of.

So we were both fairly dismissive of this one until we dug in...and inside found something truly brilliant.

Ballet, like Opera, seems to be one of those things that you associate with being "a bit posh" - Well, a lot posher than us then, let's put it that way. Appreciating both art forms could be the ticket to a higher level of intellectual appreciation for the amazing choreography, movement and music that goes alongside both. But concentrating on Ballet, "Where's the Ballerina" is actually a truly stunning idea.

It is a spotter book, sure - but what it also does is gives you tons of background information about the world's most famous ballets. Everything from Swan Lake, Coppelia and 8 more classic ballets is detailed in a fascinating slice of history.

Needless to say, Charlotte found this book utterly fascinating (though she no longer takes Ballet classes herself). One thing though, she did wonder where Darcy was (we couldn't find her, could you?)

If you have a ballet nut at home (boy or girl), then this is going to be a fantastic book for them to delve into.

Charlotte's best bit: Swan Lake, such a beautiful and tragic ballet.

Daddy's favourite bit: A lovely and surprising book that looks at first glance like it'd be just another "Where's Wally-esque" cash in but is actually a stunning and fantastic peek into the world of Ballet. Wonderful!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Ivy Press)