Thursday 2 February 2017

A Rocketful of Space Poems by John Foster and Korky Paul (Otter-Barry Books / Frances Lincoln Children's Books)

Poems! Space! Two of our favourite things combined? Well, this one's going to go down well....
Space - the final front-ear (I still hear it like that in my head). What better theme is there for a jolly and funny collection of squidgy, spacey and downright hilarious poetry with a galactic flavour.

John Foster has curated (and also contributed poems to) a fabulous space-going collection of rhymes, with fabulous illustrations from Korky Paul. "A Rocketful of Space Poems" is utterly brilliant and we found ourselves cradling our review copy with the intention of just reading a couple of poems before school, then ended up gobbling the whole lot up in one delicious sitting.

There's a huge range of subjects here, from gloopy aliens who've lost their way to Mars, to a fabulous interstellar fast food eaterie that sells the strangest dishes in the universe. Stay a while at a space hotel, with a rather peculiar room mate, or just idle along in your flying saucer, taking in the sights out there in the inky stygian void.

It's a brilliant collection of old and new poems that will tickle and inspire young astronauts (or any alien fledgelings who are walking the earth in disguise as human children!)

Charlotte's favourite poem: "The Space Hotel" and "Peter Pluto's Fast Food Superstore" (which for some reason she manages to 'sing' to the tune of Robbie Williams' "Heavy Entertainment Show"!)

Daddy's favourite poem: Gotta love the Space Hotel too - always dreamed of visiting one (or owning one!)

"A Rocketful of Space Poems" compiled by John Foster with illustrations by Korky Paul is published by Otter-Barry Books / Frances Lincoln Children's Books and is released today, 2nd February 2017 (kindly sent for review)