Thursday 16 February 2017

Chicken Nugget: Scrambled Egg by Michelle Robinson and Tom McLaughlin (Picture Puffin)

Michelle Robinson and Tom McLaughlin are back with their adorable little chick hero who's expecting a new arrival...!
In "Chicken Nugget in Scrambled Egg", Nugget is as happy as a tiny chick can be. He's no longer going to be the smallest (and most picked on) member of the family any more.

His older brothers (who are a pair of real poopyheads according to Charlotte) keep calling him Stupid Baby, but Mum's about to hatch a new chick - called Benedict (LOVE Michelle's names for her characters by the way!)

Mum gives Nugget the important job of looking after his new sibling - but there's a rather nasty fox on the prowl, disguised as their next-door neighbour. Foxy fancies a lovely egg supper so will Nugget be able to keep his new sib safe?

We'll let you discover the rather superb surprise at the end of the book. Another cracker from Michelle and Tom!

Charlotte's best bit: Imagine Nugget's surprise when the egg finally hatches!

Daddy's favourite bit: A fun and entertaining little story with superb chicky-characters (with brilliant, brilliant names!) Don't miss it!

"Chicken Nugget in Scrambled Egg" by Michelle Robinson and Tom McLaughlin is out now, published by Picture Puffin (kindly supplied for review)