Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Edie by Sophy Henn (Picture Puffin)

Sophy Henn is back with an all new character set to steal your heart. Here's "Edie" and she's lovely!
Aww, this book is one of those picture books that makes you smile, purely because it's full of the sunniest artwork, and a character whose infectious joie de vivre just rubs off on you, even if you're a big old wintry grumpus at the moment full of cold and flu.

Sophy Henn's "Edie" tells the everyday story of a little girl who just LOVES her life.

She's uber-helpful, waking mum and dad up in the morning (by being as loud as possible - yep, that sounds like Charlotte). She is good at getting herself dressed (and yep, again like Charlotte she wears what SHE wants to wear, no matter how 'eccentric' it might look).

She can even sort out her own breakfast (making just as much mess as Charlotte does in the kitchen if we trust her to pour her own cereal).

In fact, that's probably why we love this book so much. It's a cute observation of what it's like to be a parent, but told from the child's perspective (and rather wonderfully illustrated so that you get the merest hint of exasperation from Edie's mum and dad, only the tiniest scrap of a hint though!)

But she's adorable, and following her through her day, from morning till night, was an absolute pleasure.

Charlotte, unsurprisingly, loved this to bits - possibly because she has an awful lot in common with Edie, and that's no bad thing at all.

Charlotte's best bit: The poor dog's expression at being 'visited' for an afternoon nap by Edie, and (Gasp! Horror!) What Edie does to Grandma while she's having an afternoon nap!

Daddy's favourite bit: YAY! See, dads DO visit the supermarket and do the shopping leaving mum to do the important stuff! Such a lovely book, beautifully observed.

"Edie" by Sophy Henn is out now, published by Picture Puffin (kindly supplied for review).