Friday 24 February 2017

ReadItDaddy's Chapter Book of the Week - Week Ending 24th February 2017 - "Marge in Charge" and "Marge and the Pirate Baby" by Isla Fisher (Piccadilly Press)

A double header for this week's Chapter Book of the Week winner, in fact both books were a huge hit with Charlotte...
Isla Fisher's "Marge" is a fabulous larger-than-life figure and the central character of a fantastically funny series of stories from Isla. Once well known for her acting props, she's now moving into children's fiction and making a mark amongst other luminaries such as David Walliams, David Baddiel and Christian O'Connell.

(Nice to have an Isla for a change in amongst all those Davids!)

So who is Marge?

She's a mischievous babysitter with rainbow hair who loves to make a mess and bend the rules.

At dinnertime Chef Marge cooks up chocolate soup, and at school Marge the Muscian conducts a chaotic concert in the playground!

Jake and Jemima have brilliant fun with their new babysitter, but will they manage to tick off all the jobs on Mummy's list?

With Marge in Charge anything's possible!

And in "Marge and the Pirate Baby" Marge may have finally met her match!

Meet Zara, the naughty little cousin, who never sleeps and loves to steal treasure. 

Marge thinks she's a pirate and maybe she's right.

But will the imaginative babysitter be on her best behaviour? 

And can Jemima save the day at her uncle's wedding?

Isla superbly taps into the sort of things that make children giggle with delight (particularly all the bits where adults are made to look like complete fools!)

Both stories are fab, and though we've often cocked a snook (whatever that means) about "celebrities writing children's books" it's blatantly obvious that Isla knows her stuff, and can write up a storm, producing a pair of perfect page turners

"Marge in Charge" and "Marge and the Pirate Baby" are out now, published by Piccadilly Press (kindly supplied for review)