Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Henry and Boo by Megan Brewis (Child's Play Publishing)

An uninvited guest can be a real pest, is that the case with Boo? Here's "Henry and Boo" by Megan Brewis...
I'm pretty sure Charlotte would absolutely love it if a rabbit turned up unannounced, and could only say "Boo!"

Henry, the houseproud dog in this story isn't quite so sure he's ready for such a houseguest, and Boo can be a bit of a pest.

Popping up unexpectedly and shouting "BOO!" isn't exactly the most endearing way to win friends and influence people. But Boo's infectious love of life, and sense of fun begins to wear Henry down. He wants his old life back, and comes up with an ingenious way of getting rid of his pesky rabbit problem once and for all.

But arrrrgh, there's a nasty bear on the loose - and the bear rather fancies a nice dog cutlet or two. When HE turns up uninvited in Henry's garden, a rather unexpected helping hand from a certain pest might just win Henry over finally!

A whimsical and imaginative tale, and one just tailor made for children to join in with during read-aloud sessions (yes, even 9 year olds love shouting "BOO!" at all the right points!)

Fab stuff, another winner from Child's Play

Charlotte's best bit: Boo saves the day, by BOOing a big nasty bear! Grrr!

Daddy's favourite bit: One of those books that's just dying to be read out loud and joined in with. A fabulous and imaginative story full of fun.

"Henry and Boo" by Megan Brewis is out now, published by Child's Play (kindly supplied for review)

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