Monday, March 6, 2017

"Inspector Brunswick and the Case of the Missing Eyebrow" by Angela Keoghan and Chris Lam Sam (Tate Publishing)

This is one cool kitty, a detective par excellence, meet Inspector Brunswick!
We love detective stories, and if there's one thing guaranteed to pique a child's curiosity, it's a mysterious detective yarn with some fabulous illustrations.

Very fortunately, that exactly describes the fabulous "Inspector Brunswick" in his first picture book outing "The Case of the Missing Eyebrow"

After a long week of investigating crimes and mysterious events, the world s greatest cat detective, Inspector Brunswick, is taking a break to visit the art museum with his loyal assistant, Nelson. 

They have barely walked through the door when Brunswick's whiskers tingle with curiosity. Something is wrong the museum's famous portrait of The Admiral doesn't look quite right. 

The poor Admiral is missing an eyebrow! Calamities!

It's time for Brunswick and Nelson to set off on a page-turning romp through the museum to track down the missing eyebrow. 

To find the culprit, they will have to look high and low and search the paintings for clues... But in the end, even Inspector Brunswick is surprised by the result! 

Brunswick and Nelson hunt high and low
Introducing a set of endearing and eccentric characters with fantastical humour, this first mystery in the Inspector Brunswick series zooms in on the subtle details that make every work of art unique and encourages us to look closer at the world around us.

We absolutely loved the Victorian styling of this one, the Inspector and Nelson are two very natty dudes, and if this is just book one of an intended book series, we really can't wait to see more. 

It's no fun being fuzzy sometimes! Particularly in cases of mistaken identity!
Charlotte's favourite bit: Hang on a minute, is that a missing eyebrow or a rather sleepy caterpillar?

Daddy's favourite bit: A fab detective romp with tons of cute and quirky character. It's elementary my dear Brunswick!

(Kindly supplied for review)

"Inspector Brunswick and the Case of the Missing Eyebrow" is out now, published by Tate Publishing. 

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