Thursday, 30 March 2017

Tiny Owl's fabulous diverse range expands with three new tempting treats full of wonder and dazzlement.

Three fab titles are arriving in March, courtesy of Tiny Owl Publishing.

Tiny Owl are renowned for their brilliant and diverse children's books full of colourful illustrations and engaging stories, so let's dive into our book bag and see what March brings.

First is "The Parrot and the Merchant" based on the fables of Rumi, with fabulous reworking and illustrations from Marjan Vafaian. This fable tells the story of a merchant and her beautiful parrot.

The parrot is kept in a gilded cage and wants for nothing, and the merchant loves the parrot very much. But sometimes love means more than possession - it means also having the ability to let something go and be free.

This story unfolds beautifully as the merchant realises that the one thing that would make the parrot happier than anything else, even the richest foods and the most beautiful surroundings.

"The Parrot and the Merchant" by Marjan Vafaian is out now, published by Tiny Owl.

Next in our book bag, another brilliant fable, and another tale of a little bird...

In "A Bird Like Himself" the story begins with a lone lost egg left in the forest.

A bird hatches from the egg but there's no mum around to look after the poor little chick - so an amusing variety of 'foster parents' sit in until the bird can find his way to a loving home.

As anyone knows though, bringing up a baby bird isn't easy! Will poor little baby bird ever find a proper mum?

Beautifully illustrated and told by Anahita Teymorian, this is a snuggly classic in the making that's perfect for a bedtime story.

"A Bird Like Himself" by Anahita Teymorian is out now, published by Tiny Owl.

Last but not least, another utterly beautiful book that will draw in curious kids with a very important question or two...!

In "Alive Again" by Ahmadreza Ahmadi and Nahid Kazsmi a little boy muses on the world around him.

"When the blossom disappears, is it gone for good?"

His father teaches the boy that patience reaps its own rewards. Even when the rain stops, it will begin again - and even when the blossoms disappear, they will be back next spring.

Gentle storytelling for curious minds, with instantly appealing illustrations, "Alive Again" by Ahmadreza Ahmadi and Nahid Kazsmi is out now, published by Tiny Owl.

What a brilliant trio of books! Be sure to check out the rest of Tiny Owl's fabulous inclusive publications on their website.