Thursday 20 April 2017

100 Steps for Science: Why it works and how it happened by Dr Lisa Jane Gillespie and Yukai Du (Wide Eyed Editions)

Another fantastic early years book for budding scientists, covering a huge range of amazing subjects. Let's delve in to "100 Steps for Science: Why it works and how it happened"
Science! It's been an amazing couple of years for us as Charlotte's interest in science has grown and been nurtured by us. We attend the regular science clubs that we're lucky enough to have down here in Oxford, and we love any opportunity to visit museums or go to events where science is a focus (like the recent ATOM festival in our home town).

So of course science books are a huge draw, particularly when they're as dazzlingly presented as this one.

Join a flame-haired scientist as she takes us on a whistle stop tour of the history of science, covering the most amazing discoveries in Physics, Biology and Chemistry but also delving further back into our past to show how 'switched on to science' even our ancient ancestors were.

Humankind’s ten most important discoveries are the focus of the book, including stars, wheels, numbers, light, medicine, sound, atoms, materials, energy and life.

Learn how technology evolved over time in ten breakthrough moments for each of the ten key discoveries, and learn more about the important historical figures and key scientists who had a hand in developing these amazing discoveries even further. 

​From the invention of the wheel, which was adapted over thousands of years to power the powerful modern engines of the modern age, learn how simple steps in science led to giant leaps for mankind.

A thoroughly fabulous book - only grizzle is that Dr Lisa Jane Gillespie should really have had her title reflected in the cover, surely? 

"100 Steps for Science: Why it works and how it happened" is out now, published by Wide Eyed Editions (kindly supplied for review)