Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Botanicum Activity Book by Professor Katherine Willis, Katie Scott and Wendy Bartlet (Big Picture Press)

It's time to once again delve into a marvellous museum of amazing plant life, here's the "Botanicum Activity Book"...
This is the sort of book that just about saves our bacon over the school Easter holidays, so it's jolly fortunate that it's out just as most of the schools break up.

With Charlotte now off for three whole weeks (!) we are hugely grateful for grandparents pitching in to look after her while we both work, so packing her off to Grandma and Grandads, or Nanny and Dodo's house with a fabulous book filled with amazing activities is a life saver.

"Botanicum Activity Book" delves into the amazing plant life you can find all around the world, written and devised in conjunction with the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew, it's packed with plant-based activities to keep your little ones busy and amused.

Crack out your colouring pens and pencils, to colour in some amazing algae
Each page spread has something to colour, fill in, doodle or draw. You can colour in amazing algae as brightly as possible...

Eeek! Not a good place to be a fly, next to one of these creepy things!
...or even identify bug-eating plants!

The illustrations and presentation are, as you'd expect from Big Picture Press, absolutely top notch.

Charlotte's favourite activity book mainstay, a brilliant Giant Water Lily Leaf as a maze!
"Botanicum Activity Book" by Professor Katherine Willis, Katie Scott and Wendy Bartlet is out on 6th April 2017, Published by Big Picture Press (kindly supplied for review).