Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Mrs Mole I'm Home by Jarvis (Walker Books)

I once spent 10 minutes frantically waving at someone I thought was my mum from the other side of the road - only to find it was actually a man...
Short sightedness is no joke, particularly if you're a hard-working mole just wanting to get home. In "Mrs Mole, I'm Home!" we meet Morris who has absent-mindedly lost his spectacles.

After finishing his shift working at Gordon Ratzy's eaterie, Mole decides that his route home can't be that complicated so off he burrows.

There's a slight hitch - or three - along the way though, every time Morris bursts in, he's unwittingly ended up somewhere other than his warm cosy burrow surrounded by his loving wife and kids.

No dad anywhere ever would ever suggest putting the heating on!
Poor Morris. If only he had his glasses (shhhhh!)

Brrrr, a bit nippy down here in Antartica. 
Will Morris make it home? Will he ever find his glasses? (Kids will LOVE that bit!) It's a riot of a book, hilarious and full of Jarvis' trademark brilliant humour and fab illustrations.

Charlotte's favourite bit: Morris' near miss with a group of crocodiles who would only be too pleased to have Morris for tea, er I mean TO tea.

Daddy's favourite bit: Awesome hilarious Mr Magoo-esque fun.

"Mrs Mole, I'm Home" by Jarvis is out now, published by Walker Books. (Kindly supplied for review).

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