Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Mud Book: How to make pies and cakes by John Cage and Lois Long (Princeton Architectural Press)

Apparently there's nothing quite like it for cooling the blood (unless you're the parents of the little darling who has smothered themselves in it. Mud!
"Mud Book" is a fabulous small format hard cover reprint of a book that first saw the light of day in the 80s.

Back then, you can't quite imagine that kids weren't that interested in the great outdoors. Most were stuck at home either watching TV or playing on their ZX Spectrums or Commodore 64s or (posh kids) their BBC Micros.

But the book came along and dropped a big dirty bombshell, becoming an overnight success.

You see, "Mud Book" is what modern parents would probably call a perfect aid to mindfulness, extolling the virtues of mixing water and dirt to make that most exquisite of substances.

This book goes a step further, turning you into a culinary genius (well, assuming you know you're not supposed to eat mud, right? Try telling that to your average toddler). There are fabulous ideas and recipes tucked away in this handy pocket-sized book to help you make the most amazing pies and cakes.

But above all, the message is clear. Even to a fastidious 9 year old, sitting down in a dirty puddle in your rough and tumble clothes swilling about in mud really is relaxing and stimulating and yes, even adults will love joining in, squishing brown squishy mud between their toes and fingers.

An utter delight, so lovely to see it make a comeback.

"Mud Book" is out today, 4th April 2017, published by Princeton Architectural Press (and kindly squishly supplied for review!)

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