Friday 7 April 2017

ReaditDaddy's Book of the Week - Week Ending 7th April 2017 - "The Industrial Revolution - The Graphic Novel" by Lewis Helfand and Naresh Kumar (Campfire Graphic Novels)

Wow, this week's book of the week isn't out till June but we just couldn't wait to tell you about it, it's THAT good!
"The Industrial Revolution" has been the subject of a great many non-fiction books. As publishers look for innovative ways to present quality non-fiction titles in a way that doesn't disengage kids wanting to read about history, we get cool ideas like this - in fact I think this could well be the shape of things to come.

"The Industrial Revolution - A Graphic Novel" is part of Campfire's brilliantly presented and innovative graphic novel series, wrapping up some of the most monumental moments in history.

Follow the fortunes of the pioneers of the industrial revolution, from James Watt to Thomas Newcomen, from John Kay to Henry Ford.

Find out how mass industrialisation led to new ways of thinking, cheaper goods and (of course) side effects from the onset of the use of fossil fuels and the devastating results of pollution on the human populace.

Laying out the key moments in history from this intriguing era in such a fashion means that it's very easy for children to follow the paths of the innovators as they struggled to perfect their amazing inventions, and as industrialisation swept across the entire surface of the planet, leading to many processes and inventions that we can still recognise in our daily lives today.

Utterly perfect for reluctant readers who want something more than just a dry text book, or perhaps those are put off by the more 'jokey' and humorous approaches to presenting history, this is a scintillating journey through the heart of the black country and beyond and we really truly want to see more from this innovative series.

"The Industrial Revolution - A Graphic Novel" by Lewis Helfand and Naresh Kumar is out on 6th June 2017, published by Campfire Graphic Novels.