Friday 21 April 2017

ReadItDaddy's Picture Book of the Week - Week Ending 21st April 2017 - "Patrick and the President" by Ryan Tubridy and P.J. Lynch (Walker Books)

This week's stunning book of the week perfectly captures a fleeting moment in history that had a huge impact on so many young lives. The fabulous "Patrick and the President" by Ryan Tubridy and P.J. Lynch...
It's difficult to imagine a political landscape more in turmoil than the present one. It's also extremely difficult to imagine the sort of excitement and magic captured in "Patrick and the President" by Ryan Tubridy and P.J. Lynch being applied to the current US President but we'll keep politics out of this review and just bring you this utterly gorgeous book instead.

President John F. Kennedy was the 35th President of the United States, taking office in January 1961.

One of the first official visits for the newly inaugurated President was to the homeland of his forefathers. Of Irish descent, Kennedy embarked on a state visit to Ireland in 1963, just a few short months before his assassination, and a day that shocked the world.

"Patrick and the President" tells the story of Kennedy's state visit from the perspective of a young boy named Patrick. To the world's children, the president was the equivalent of a rock star. A glamorous, famous and amazingly tanned slice of celebrity, set to descend from his gigantic plane into their humble lives.

Patrick really wants to meet the President and shake hands with him. Will he achieve his ambition when there are so many people all eager to do the same?

This is easily one of the most beautiful books we've seen this year, the illustrations perfectly capture the tension and excitement of the President's visit.

As you can see from the photo, the book is blissfully based around a real-life set of events. 
It's a wonderful way for children to learn a little more about arguably one of the most charismatic world leaders that has ever lived, and how he touched the lives of simple humble Irish folk during a monumental whistle stop tour.

Find out more about the President's amazing visit here. 

Brilliant book, utterly brilliant.

Charlotte's best bit: How could the President resist such amazing looking cakes?

Daddy's favourite bit: Beautifully told from Patrick's perspective with art to die for, this is something really special.

(Kindly sent for review)

"Patrick and the President" by Ryan Tubridy and P.J. Lynch is out now, published by Walker Books.