Thursday, 13 April 2017

Think and Make Like an Artist by Claudia Boldt and Eleanor Meredith (Thames and Hudson)

Inspiration comes in many forms, but pretty much every artist alive (or dead) will at one time look to their contemporaries for some ideas and prompts...
We loved "Think and Make like an Artist" by Claudia Boldt and Eleanor Meredith. There are so many great ideas in this book that will make that fabulous lightbulb of inspiration ping on above your head, before you start raiding the recycle bin or the food cupboards around the house to begin your fabulous 'make' project.

The book first chooses some awesome pieces of art to base each work on - and the best part of that is the choices of artists that have been chosen. Each has a particular method or theme they like to explore, and the works are discussed in their own words - before the book expertly shows exactly how to start off your own project - featuring everything from fabulous monsters and animals, to the most awesome pasta-covered masks.

The book gives you the basic methods in each case but leaves the rest to you, so there's plenty of opportunity for kids to take over and really let their creative juices flow (all the best 'make' books we've seen take exactly this tack, and it's the best way to get a whole bunch of kids enthusiastic and involved in their own creative processes.

The perfect book for classroom based projects, or some truly fabulous ideas for the long Easter hols.

"Think and Make Like An Artist" by Claudia Boldt and Eleanor Meredith is out now, published by Thames and Hudson (kindly supplied for review).