Thursday 18 May 2017

A Home for Gully by Jo Clegg and Lalalimola (Walker Books)

It's definitely not easy being a seagull sometimes, particularly when you choose to live in the big city...
In "A Home for Gully" by Jo Clegg and Lalalimola (which in my head always sounds like it should be a name that's sung in a jaunty jingly voice) we meet the titular Seagull who has a rude awakening every morning, thanks to an annoying park keeper who is a complete tidy freak.

Every morning the parkie comes along and sweeps away Gully's home. The poor gull is left with cold feet and an aching heart, and worst of all no place to truly call home.

But Gully's life changes completely, when he meets Fetch, a lively sausage dog who is determined that his new friend is going to find a plush pad all of his own, well away from fussy park keepers. A luxury hotel would be awesome, but no one wants a flea-bitten mutt and a noisy seagull living in the penthouse suite.

They need more help, but who else can they turn to? And will either of them ever truly find a cosy place and a sense of family?

Tucked into this entertaining and rather heartwarming story is the important message that everyone (yes, even a lowly seagull) needs a place to call home, and perhaps some fantastic friends to look out for them too. An exceedingly enjoyable and clever little book with lots of beautiful little details and subtleties.

Charlotte's favourite bit: Firm friendships made over family-sized cheesy pizzas!

Daddy's favourite bit: A wonderful book with a hugely positive set of messages tucked into its storyline, and it's almost impossible not to like Gully, a fab character (even if you don't like seagulls stealing your chips when you're enjoying a fish supper by the seaside!)

(Kindly supplied for review)

"A Home for Gully" by Jo Clegg and Lalalimola is out now, published by Walker Books.