Monday, 15 May 2017

Astonishing and brilliant models to be made in "Build a T-Rex" and "Build a Butterfly" by Kiki Ljung (Natural History Museum / Frances Lincoln Children's Books)

Here's a brilliant pair of books that will bring out the artist in you - well, assuming you're not all fingers and thumbs like us...!
Kiki Ljung's awesome illustrations are the basis for some amazing papercraft models in this attractive pair of books from the Natural History Museum and Frances Lincoln Children's Books.

"Build a T-Rex" lets you build this amazing prehistoric predator in all its glory.

Simple plans and slot-together pieces are pressed out of sturdy card, ready to be made into a model you can display and play with.

Alongside the model are amazing facts about this terrifying dinosaur and other creatures that lived in the same period, all fully illustrated and beautifully described.

Each period of prehistory is described with the creatures who lived in it. 
It's worth taking a bit of time and care over the model, particularly if you're making it alongside young ones - but the results are fantastic!

Leggo of my Leg-oh! piece by piece your dinosaur begins to take shape!

If you fancy making something a little less aggressive, there's a gorgeous "Build a Butterfly" book too.

Find out more about these dainty creatures - from egg, to caterpillar to amazing colourful and dazzling butterfly.

Again this kit is very easy to build, but worth taking care over - the wings are quite fragile as you'd expect.

More fascinating facts are there to discover, and even when you've finished the model the book is good fun to read and come back to if you discover butterfly species living in your garden.

"Build a T-Rex" and "Build a Butterfly" by Kiki Ljung are both out now, published by Frances Lincoln Children's books in conjunction with the Natural History Museum. (Kindly supplied for review).