Tuesday, 2 May 2017

The School of Music by Meurig and Rachel Bowen, illustrated by Daniel Frost (Wide Eyed Editions)

A fantastic follow-up to one of our favourite books about art - it's time to face the music!
"The School of Music" once again places you on the doorstep of the most amazing learning establishment - following on from the brilliant "The School Of Art" but this time serving up tempting treats for your ears.

As with "The School of Art" the tutors chosen for the School of Music are the best of the best in their particular chosen fields.

Diva, a classically trained singer, can warble like a beautiful bird but knows more than anyone else about operatic singing.

Sergio Trunk runs the show, and along with his hugely talented band of musicians, he serves up 40 brilliant lessons for budding musicians tackling many different disciplines and genres from Rock to classical, Jazz to Pop.

Musical imagination runs riot where everyone has triple-fun with the sound of music. Making it... Listening to it... Writing it - and of course enjoying it too!

If your child is learning an instrument, or just fancies learning a lot more about music, this is an utterly perfect accompaniment. Definitely music to our ears (and eyes) as each lesson comes with recommendations for listening to music on the internet to compliment what you'll find in here. 

"The School of Music" by Meurig and Rachel Bowen, illustrated by Daniel Frost, is out now, published by Wide Eyed Editions (kindly supplied for review).