Monday 29 May 2017

The Superhero Handbook by James Doyle and Jason Ford (Laurence King Publishing)

Capes at the ready! It's time for some superhero shenanigans in this fantastic new activity book from Laurence King Publishing. Here's James Doyle and Jason Ford's "The Superhero Handbook"
It's not easy being a superhero. Spandex chafes something rotten when you work up a sweat chasing super-criminals, and who on earth wants to wear their pants on the outside of their tights anyway. Ew.

Thankfully superheroes James Doyle and Jason Ford are here with a handy publication to help you figure out your superpowers, and put them to good use in 20 fun activities (and a good dose of stickering too!)

"The Superhero Handbook" is perfect for your comic loving little ones.

Full of awesome action packed illustrations and ideas to work your brain as much as your body, it's a fantastic fun filled book. Choose your own superhero name, work out your superpower or speciality, and then get to work making an array of super-gadgets to stash in your utility belt.

Brilliant stuff!

"The Superhero Handbook" by James Doyle and Jason Ford is out now, published by Laurence King (kindly supplied for review).