Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Two utterly amazing activity books from two uber-talented author-artists - Time to dig under the earth and dive under the water!

Aleksandra Mizielinska and Daniel Mizielinski are supremely talented, having stunned us previously with their fabulous "Maps" atlas, and two brilliant books delving under the earth and diving under the sea...
The latter two books have now been turned into a pair of fabulous activity books, giving you the chance to live out your subterranean or sub-aquatic fantasies in the search for hidden riches.

"Under Earth" is the first title, leading you on a sometimes perilous journey into the very bowels of our planet, to see what's hidden under the stuff we all walk around on every day.

Colour in a Mexican Burrowing Toad with your brightest colours!
Animal and plant life feature heavily in this first book, allowing you to exercise your doodling and colouring skills to bring the pages to life.

Lucy - In the ground, with bone fragments
Discover some of the most amazing artifacts unearthed across the world, including our ancient ancestors.

"Under Earth - The Activity Book" is out now, published by Big Picture Press.

There's also the accompanying "Under Water", again by Aleksandra Mizielinska and Daniel Mizielinski. This time you can don your flippers, oxygen tanks and eye mask to dive under the sea, discovering amazing things as you swim around in the murky depths.

Nature in all its beauty, amazing lost artifacts and tons of fun activities to complete are the order of the day with "Underwater" , and 36 different things to apply your grey cells to.

Lavishly presented and beautifully illustrated, it's another great chance to take a look at these innovative books and have some fun yourself completing each page's activities.

Time to grab that treasure, but do you have enough balloons?
Fun and challenging puzzles are the order of the day here. Can you float a huge chest of missing treasure?

Untangle an octopus. Not as easy as it sounds! Eek!
"Under Water - The Activity Book" is also out now, published by Big Picture Press. (Both titles kindly supplied for review). 

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