Monday, June 12, 2017

Almost Everybody Farts by Marty Kelley (Sterling Children's Books)

Marty Kelley obviously knows a thing or two about trouser trumps, bottom burps, the old rip-snorter...
Oh the fun we had with this book - and I was mildly surprised to find that someone else had noticed something about farts.

No matter what, how, who or where the circumstances are, you cannot, simply CANNOT get mums to admit that they've just floated an air biscuit.

Nope, not going to happen. Not ever.

But in this hilarious book you'll see all sorts of people and creatures cracking one off.

Unicorns (as this hilarious cover attests) fart glorious rainbows. Ballerinas sneak them out. Some guffs are loud, some parps are quiet (If you've never heard a budgie fart, it sort of comes out like a faint hiss - most disconcerting if you're staying over at a friend's and keep hearing weird hissing noises in the middle of the night) and deadly (ninja farts), and some are quiet and you wouldn't even know they were there until they hit your nose.

It's a hilarious combination of fab illustrations and funny puns, with the repeated theme of denial from mum - well, until the very last page!

Charlotte's best bit: The message that's core to this story gets a great twist at the end, which of course confirms something we already knew!

Daddy's favourite bit: It's a rip-roaring trouser-flapping menu-wafting buttock-vibrating tour-de-force of flatulence and if that's not a cover quote, I don't know what is.

"Almost Everybody Farts" by Marty Kelley is out now, published by Sterling Children's Books.

PS - for our American readers. You know "Trump" means "Fart" in England, right? President Fart!

(Kindly supplied for - parp - review)

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