Monday, June 5, 2017

Little Mouse's Big Secret by Eric Battut (Sterling Children's Books)

Shhhh! Mouse has a secret, but can he keep it? We'll find out by delving into this awesome little board book...
Little Mouse has found something, and it's a tasty treat - but how can Little Mouse be sure that the other friendly creatures won't want a piece of the action?

In "Little Mouse's Big Secret" Eric Battut hits on that fabulous children's book mechanism of us (the reader) being in on the gag that the characters in the story are blissfully unaware of.

As the story unfolds, we can plainly see that Little Mouse isn't nearly as clever as they think they are, and that Little Mouse's secret swiftly comes undone in a rather neat fashion (we won't spoil things too much for you but what do you think's going to happen when you bury something with seeds in it under the ground?)

We loved the pay-off and mouse's rather smug poker face as other animals want to know what he's hidden. Gorgeous stuff.

"Little Mouse's Big Secret" by Eric Battut is out now, published by Sterling Children's Books (kindly supplied for review).

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