Thursday, 15 June 2017

Two books featuring in the Scholastic Laugh out Loud Awards are under the microscope! Check out "Future Ratboy and the Invasion of the Nom Noms" and "My Gym Teacher is an Alien Overlord"

The Scholastic Laugh Out Loud book awards are EXACTLY the sort of awards we can firmly get behind.

We love a good laugh, and we've been checking out two books - one in the 6-8 yrs shortlist category, and one in the 9-13 yrs shorlist category.

First up, we're dipping into Jim ("Barry Loser") Smith's intergalactic space epic and meeting possibly the world's most unlikely science fiction hero.

It's "Future Ratboy" the pointy-nosed hapless hero who, zapped by a bolt of lightning, was thrown millions of years into the future and turned into a half boy, half rat, half TV!

(Yes we know, you can't have three halves - well, you can if you're dealing with funny books!)

With new superkeel powers and a real life sidekick in Not Bird, Future Ratboy was born. He's defeated gruesome robot grannies, but what can he do against the evil Nom Noms? Something tells us that he's going to need more than a greasy cheesleburger to win this one!

In this new adventure, can Future Ratboy and Not Bird save Shnozville from the bitey little insects that are turning everyone into zombies? Will they defeat the evil Mr X? And how will they ever find their way home?

From Charlotte: "This is actually better than Barry loser - It's funny and completely silly but I couldn't stop reading it!"

High praise indeed. "Future Ratboy and the Invasion of the Nom Noms" by Jim Smith is published by Jelly Pie and is out now. 

Nominated for a Laugh out Loud award in the 6-8 yrs category so if you want to vote for it, vote NOW at the Scholastic Lollies Web Site.

We also dipped into the 9-13 years category, and read "My Gym Teacher is an Alien Overlord" by David Solomons and Laura Ellen Anderson...

This time we're talking about kids with superpowers in the stunning follow up to "My Brother is a Superhero". 

Both Zack and Lara have superpowers. Luke, however, only has new school shoes and a burning sense of resentment. 

He KNOWS that aliens disguised as gym teachers are about to attack Earth but will anyone listen? 

No, of course they won't - when have grown ups ever paid any attention to kids!

So one dodgy pact with a self-styled supervillain later, and Luke is ready to save the world. He just needs to find his trainers. 

Hilarious, fast paced and confirming what we all pretty much knew anyway - that gym teachers are evil despotic alien beings bent on world destruction, Charlotte had this to say about "My Gym Teacher is an Alien Overlord": 

"I loved this, even though I haven't read the first book you can jump straight in and find out what's going on straight away. I liked Lara because she has the coolest powers. PS My gym teacher is lovely (just in case she's reading this!) and I don't think she's an alien at all!"

"My Gym Teacher is an Alien Overlord" by David Solomons and lovely Laura Ellen Anderson is out now, published by Nosy Crow. 

It's nominated in the 9-13 Lollies category so if you want to vote for it, vote NOW at the Scholastic Lollies Web Site.