Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Two fabulous new history titles by a very talented duo, here's "The Ancient Greeks" and "The Ancient Aztecs" by Isabel and Imogen Greenberg (Frances Lincoln Children's Books)

We've really enjoyed the previous books in Frances Lincoln Publishing's awesome "Discover" series...
We previously took a look at the fantastic Egyptian and Roman Empire books from Isabel and Imogen Greenberg. Now it's time to delve further into history with even more fascinating insights into two mighty ancient civilisations.

First, we take a look at "The Ancient Greeks" and examine just how influential this amazing civilisation were on so many things we know today, such as the sciences, mathematics and astronomy.

There's also a rich seam of stories from Greek legend to tap into via the book, detailing some of the most well known legends children may have already heard about, like the Wooden Horse of Troy and the amazing stories of mythical characters such as Achilles and Perseus.

With two excellent tour guides to take us through Greek civilisation (and a really handy fold-out timeline at the back of this diminutive but fact-filled book), this will keep young historians occupied for hours and hours.

Digging into the past with an amazing series of titles designed to be engaging and kid-friendly 
Sticking with the "Discover" series there's also the fabulous "The Aztec Empire" again by Isabel and Imogen...

Find out tons of facts and interesting information on the Aztecs, including quite a lot of rather icky things that they'd probably rather you DIDN'T find out!

Digging into the past of South America is something that we haven't had a chance to do before, so this was a particularly fascinating book for us. Learn how the Ancient Aztecs were rather bloodthirsty and brutal, yet managed to build amazing cities, construct gorgeous works of art and - yep - practically single handedly invent chocolate (which is an important nugget of information that Charlotte never gets tired of hearing about).

Gloriously illustrated once again, with a nice sense of humour running through it, it's another fabulous history title in the range.

The "Discover" series is available from Frances Lincoln Children's Books - and you can find out more about the range on their website.

"The Ancient Greeks" and "The Ancient Aztecs" by Isabel and Imogen Greenberg are both out now, published by Frances Lincoln Children's Books.