Wednesday 12 July 2017

Creative Lettering for Kids by Jennie Doh (Sterling Publishing)

We do love an artistic book, one that encourages us to get out our pens, coloured pencils and paper and have a go ourselves...
If there's one thing Charlotte loves more than anything else, it's adorning all her notebooks and art pads with scribbles and phrases - but what do kids do when they want to really up their game and produce the most wonderful letter forms?

Well, "Creative Lettering for Kids" by Jennie Doh encourages children to explore tons of inspirational ideas on everything from improving their own writing to producing truly amazing works of letter art themselves.

Each section is crammed full of ideas to get them scribbling and drawing, coming up with high quality work that they'll be proud to display or share with their friends or family.

We loved the ideas in this, awesome for when you need to produce posters, greetings cards or tons of other ideas. Also very useful for school projects too!

"Creative Lettering for Kids" by Jennie Doh is out now, published by Sterling (kindly supplied for review).