Monday, July 3, 2017

Dreamweaver by Claire Freedman and Carrie May (Templar Publishing)

Many books lay claim to being 'perfect bedtime books' but we both doubt you'll find a book more snuggly and perfect for bedtimes than this...
"Dreamweaver" by Claire (Aliens Love Underpants) Freedman and Carrie May can comfortably wear that badge with pride as a magical fairy whisks us off on a journey around the world, gathering the perfect ingredients for sweet dreams.

A scoop of snow, a mermaid's kiss, and as baby animals snuggle up to their mums they're ready for an amazing night-time journey through their own imaginations.

Claire's rhymes are beautiful (only dropping a stitch in one place we could detect with a pararhyme that just about works).

Carrie's illustrations really do make this book though, we have to say. She paints the most beautiful dream fairy, a gorgeous mermaid, and baby animals that you'd just love to cuddle up with (a lot of awwws and oohs from Charlotte - who is still going through that phase of really wanting a cuddly pet).

Sublime and dreamy stuff indeed.

Charlotte's favourite bit: Totally in love with the baby tiger, who has the most amazing sea-born dreams thanks to the fairy.

Daddy's favourite bit: Gorgeous stuff, perfectly pitched and so relaxing I could have seriously done with 40 winks myself after reading it to Charlotte one bedtime.

(Kindly supplied for review)

"Dreamweaver" by Claire Freedman and Carrie May is out now, published by Templar. 

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