Monday, 17 July 2017

Fergal is Fuming by Robert Starling (Andersen Children's Books)

It's fair to say that having a fiery temper will come back and burn you on the bum before long...
It's not always easy to control your temper, but when you're a dragon prone to rather erratic and angry outbursts, there's more than just hot air coming out of your nostrils.

In Robert Starling's fantastic "Fergal is Fuming" we meet the titular dragon, who is a bit of a trantrum-meister.

When things don't go Fergal's way, he vents more than steam - he tends to set fire to things with his fiery breath.

Dinner goes up in flames (so he's sent to bed with no supper). His friends stop playing with him, because they're fed up with their favourite toys ending up torched.

Basically Fergal needs help, and as usual it takes wise Mummy to pitch in with a great idea. Count to ten, think about what you're being angry about, and breathe (without the flames thank you very much!)

A great tale to wrap around your little ones' lugholes if they're prone to the odd outburst themselves (and let's face it, there's no such thing as the terrible twos, it goes on way into their teens doesn't it!)

Charlotte's best bit: Fergal setting fire to an ice cream. That takes a particular tantrum-talent!

Daddy's favourite bit: An awesome tale about tantrums and learning how to chill out. Fiery stuff!

(kindly supplied for review)

"Fergal is Fuming" by Robert Starling is out now, published by Andersen Children's Books.