Thursday 6 July 2017

Hip and Hop (You Can Do Anything) by Akala and Sav Akyuz (Oxford Children's Books)

Children's books can be so uber cool...seriously cool in fact, but what if an award winning rap artist penned a book and had an uber-cool artist illustrate it? It'd be so cool it'd be sub-zero..!
...and so it is. Hip and Hop - You Can Do Anything - is a fantastic collaboration between Akala and Sav Akyuz.

Featuring two characters who can whip up winning rhymes to show you just how amazing you can be if you just be yourself and believe in yourself, this has to be one of the most original and stunning children's books we've seen in a long time.

Hip (a superb pink hippo with the world's most impressive flat-top and some seriously fab threads) and Hop (a streetwise bird with a style that's fresh) are here to dish up some bustin' rhymes and chillin' theories on life, the universe and everything.

Learning to ride a bike, it's as easy as you like, when your friends lend a hand, you'll soon tour the land (yes I'm rubbish at rhyming, it's all in the timing)
Poor Hop wants to learn to ride a bike - but he keeps falling off. Can Hip convince him that perseverance, practice and just having fun can reap its own rewards? Who will win the Blueberry Hill Bike Race? You'll have to read this fab tale to find out!

Akala's rhymes are fantastic, Sav's artwork is - well just look at it, if it was any cooler you could get it to reverse global warming.

A fantastic tale about friendship, being happy in the skin you're in and truly believing you can do absolutely anything. When you've got books like this, you'll believe it's possible too. Utterly fantastic!

Charlotte's best bit: When Hop perseveres and becomes a biking champ!

Daddy's favourite bit: Just completely in love with the look and feel of this book, great to read aloud (and rap aloud too!).

"Hip and Hop (You can do Anything)" by Akala and Sav Akyuz is out now, published by Oxford Children's Books / OUP (Kindly supplied for review).