Thursday 6 July 2017

"Maurice the Museum Mouse's Amazing Ancient Book of Facts and Jokes" by Tracey Turner and Mark Beech (Nosy Crow)

We're definitely all about history on this blog, particularly when a book pours on the facts and funnies in equal measure...
Charlotte is a sucker for corny jokes, in fact the cornier the better. So imagine a book crammed not only with the corniest of corny gags (for example - what do you call a Roman Emperor with a cold? Julius Sneezer!), puns and silly illustrations wrapped around some actual astonishing facts from various historic eras.

Tracey Turner knows a thing or two about history funnies, the commissioning editor for Scholastic around the time the whole "Horrible Histories" series went completely cosmic.

So it's no surprise then that she's come up trumps with a belting little pocket sized book for Nosy Crow, in conjunction with the British Museum, that cooks up a great rapid fire selection of funnies and facts designed to draw us in.

Mark Beech's illustrations are bang on too.

We loved this book to bits, though I think I spent nearly as much time groaning at the gags as giggling (they are definitely a bit cobwebby in places, but still hilarious fun for kids who love a good cheesy gag).

I think the only thing that might cause a few raised eyebrows is just how close to Horrible Histories this series is. Your host is no longer a talking rat, but a museum mouse - and in tone in places they're nigh on identical. But we still loved this enough to make it our Book of the Week so pick up a copy toot suite!

Charlotte's favourite history gag: "Sign outside a tomb: Great work guaranteed or your Mummy Back"

Daddy's favourite history gag: "How do you get into a pyramid? Toot and Come in!"

(Kindly supplied for review)

"Amazing Ancient Facts and Jokes" is out now, published by Nosy Crow.