Friday 21 July 2017

ReaditDaddy's Picture Book of the Week - Week Ending 21st July 2017 - "I Dare You" by Reece Wykes (Andersen Children's Books)

It's been quite a while since a picture book has given us both that shocked and surprised 'O' of a face, and made us laugh out loud at the same time...So gotta be a book of the week then!
Witness the two cheekiest apes in the jungle in Reece Wykes' fantastic "I Dare You" - a book that has the most delicious twist (which we're going to try our best not to spoil for you).

The two apes in question are bored, so bored - and before long they get into a game of 'dares'.

It starts off relatively harmlessly when Orange Ape dares Blue Ape to eat a bug.

"No problem" says Blue Ape, and reluctantly scarfs the insect down.

But of course in any game of dares, things swiftly get out of control.

"I dare you to eat that bird" says Blue Ape back to Orange Ape.

Orange Ape clambers the tree, and before long there are feathers everywhere.

Things escalate further - and it doesn't take long before the ultimate dare is suggested...

But we really really don't want to ruin that bit for you - suffice to say it's one of those book moments that will remind you a bit of Jon Klassen's "I Want My Hat Back" series, and will genuinely give you the same reaction we had.

"Did that just happen?"

It's glorious work this, tiny minimalist word count, beautifully effective illustrations but a story that will make you giggle right until the wee small hours.

Perfect, utterly perfect.

Charlotte's favourite bit: Without a doubt, the big 'surprise' which made her snort with laughter. Brilliant!

Daddy's favourite bit: A deftly written and gorgeously illustrated piece of twisty-turny storytelling, as close as it gets to the perfect picture book. Awesome work Reece!

(kindly supplied for review)

"I Dare You" by Reece Wykes is out now, published by Andersen Children's Books.