Thursday, 10 August 2017

A Bear Hug at Bedtime by Jana Novotny-Hunter and Kay Widdowson (Child's Play)

Ah, the perfect bedtime hug, is there any better accompaniment to a perfect bedtime story?
"A Bear Hug at Bedtime" is the sort of cuddly snuggly book that's just made for when those little ones are dog-tired, and curl up in your lap ready for a story before a blissful night's sleep.

The little girl in this story imagines her diverse and wonderful family as animals. Grandma is a tiger, stalking through the undergrowth. Mum is a monkey swinging athletically down from the trees, but what about dad?

Dad saves the best bear hugs till last!

With wonderful illustrations and a gentle text to soothe and prepare your little ones for a good snooze, this is atmospheric and delicious storytelling at its best.

"A Bear Hug at Bedtime" by Jana Novotny-Hunter and Kay Widdowson is out now, published by Child's Play (kindly supplied for review).