Thursday, August 3, 2017

"Dylan the Teacher" by Guy Parker-Rees (Alison Green Books)

Dylan the Dog is back with a joyous join-in story for little ones.
"Dylan the Teacher" sees fantastic Dylan the Dog take on a whole new role. He's had a go at being a doctor, he's also tackled the trickiness of being a shopkeeper and now it's time for Dylan to take on his toughest role yet.

Being a teacher isn't easy but at least Dylan has a class ready and willing to learn.

His friends are looking forward to their first day at school, but Dylan soon realises that he might not be the best person to show them how to climb trees.

But he's the teacher, surely there must be something he's good at?

Time to join in with Dylan's fantastic cheery warm-up song and dance!

Little ones will love the interactive join-in fun here, look out for Dotty Bug on every page, she'll show you what to do.

I can imagine just how fantastic this must be to read aloud to a classroom full of energetic kids.

Charlotte's best bit: Joining in with Dotty Bug's great interactive participation bits.

Daddy's favourite bit: Dylan is a hugely engaging character, and along with his friends there's always something new to learn and enjoy. This is going to be a read-aloud classic in early years, guaranteed!

"Dylan the Teacher" by Guy Parker-Rees is out today, published by Alison Green Books (kindly supplied for review). 

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