Monday, 21 August 2017

Karina Garcia's DIY Slime (Studio Press)

There are many, many things I don't understand about my daughter...
I didn't really 'get' the Loom Band thing but it was at least a cool creative hobby I could join in with.

I definitely didn't get the whole Fidget Spinner thing (and of course, like most things parents are endlessly nagged about getting for their kids, Charlotte's fidget spinners are now sitting neglected at the bottom of her 'bits and bobs' drawer (AKA the drawer we keep throwing in the bin every couple of weeks only for her to fish all the stuff OUT of the bin again just afterwards).

Now though it's slime. I don't get slime.

Sure, when I was a kid (like most 80s kids) I went through a phase of playing with that goopy stuff made out of soap that made pleasing farting noises if you pressed it into the tub with enough air behind it - but eventually went grey and horrible and full of pet hairs as it ended up dropped on the floor for the umpteenth time.

Ah but Slime is now a YouTube sensation, mostly thanks to the amazing Karina Garcia, a bubbly character who is the goddess of slime (we do mean that in an entirely complimentary way, honestly) and who has now gathered her slime-producing prowess into a fab book from Studio Press.

Karina's 'recipes' are varied, and there's sure to be something for everyone in here...

Edible slime? Sounds like my old school dinners!
Everything from fruit-flavoured edible slime...

Weird speckly slime? Sounds like my old school dinners. Oh I already did that joke slime in all the colours of the rainbow. With a few simple ingredients (some of which you may have at home, but most of which are easily grabbable from your local supermarket or hardware store) you'll be mixing up a storm and producing slime of your own.

We really do have to mention Karina's nails. They're utterly amazing, in fact I think we were as impressed with those as we were her slime recipes. Such a cool gal!

Our own attempts were a bit...weird to say the least, though the instructions are clear and easy to follow (and thankfully transposed from US Imperial measurements into something a bit more UK friendly, a definite bonus!)

"Karina Garcia's DIY Slime" is out now, published by Studio Press (kindly supplied for review).