Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Lulu Gets a Cat by Anna McQuinn and Rosalind Beardshaw (Alanna Books)

Just in time for World Cat Day (YES!!) here's a brilliant moggy-cuddling book featuring our favourite booky girl Lulu.
"I'm so jealous!" sighed Charlotte when we sat down to review this book.

Charlotte, you see, wants a cat - possibly more than anything else but because of where we live (with a fairly tiny garden and a rather nasty main road) and the fact that no one is in the house all day, we've sadly been unable to get our own little furry friend.

But in "Lulu Gets a Cat" Lulu is lucky, and will soon be choosing a rescue cat all of her own.

Sensibly, mum and dad take Lulu along to the library to read up and research about what you need to do to look after a cat - and when Lulu visits the rescue shelter, they're also full of good advice and recommendations when it comes to cat ownership.

It's a wonderful and cuddly little book, coming out just in time for World Cat Day. There's tons of good advice in here too, so children will know what to expect if they're also lucky enough to be adopting their very own pusscat.

Charlotte's best bit: Cat cuddles are the BEST cuddles.

Daddy's favourite bit: We love Lulu books and this one's full of great advice for children who want their own moggy at home.

"Lulu Gets a Cat" by Anna McQuinn and Rosalind Beardshaw is out today, published by Alanna Books (kindly supplied for review).