Monday, 25 September 2017

A fabulous pair of books featuring all creatures great and small, here's Yuval Zommer's fabulous "Big Sticker Book of Bugs / Big Sticker Book of Beasts" (Thames and Hudson)

We're huge, huge fans of Yuval Zommer's fabulous story books but he's also a very talented chap when it comes to non fiction titles.

We've previously enjoyed both "The Big Book of Bugs" and "The Big Book of Beasts" by Yuval, and now we're delighted to see a pair of accompanying books for your minibeast and big beast fans to enjoy and get involved with.

"The Big Sticker Book of Bugs" is a huge book full of the sort of delicious little details Yuval is famous for, this time with over 500 reusable stickers to stick down in various scenes and habitats.

Learn all about the insects of the world with this book that encourages children to go on their own investigative journey of the animals we share our living space with (whether we like it or not!)

Absolutely fantastic for Charlotte, who can't seem to resist cuddling woodlice or playing with ladybirds on her fingers.

"The Big Sticker Book of Bugs" by Yuval Zommer is out now, published by Thames and Hudson. 

If you like your beasts a big bigger, perhaps more furry and less inclined to crawl up your trouser leg then this one's for you!

"The Big Sticker Book of Beasts" features altogether larger prey, again with over 500 reusable stickers to place in all their different habitats and homes around the world.

Cuddle up to a Koala or two, stomp around the savannah with an Elephant or perhaps hibernate with some Canadian Grizzlies, there's definitely something for everyone in this fabulous activity book.

The books are of the highest quality, with easy-to-peel stickers throughout, and loads of lovely colour illustrations and opportunities for you to get busy with your own pens and pencils to create your own fun scenes.

"The Big Sticker Book of Beasts" by Yuval Zommer is also out now, published by Thames and Hudson (both books kindly supplied for review).