Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Dinosaur Detective's Search and Find Rescue Mission by Sophie Guerrive (Wide Eyed Editions)

Oh my aching eyes, are you ready for a spotting book par excellence? Step right this way and join the Dinosaur Detective!
He's strong, he's got a long neck and a keen pair of eyes (well one out of three ain't bad for me) but we need Dinosaur Detective's help in a series of tricky search and rescue missions.

This is a gloriously presented and illustrated 'spotting' book for children who love things like the "Where's Wally" books.

This time you're helping out a fabulous detective dinosaur who swoops into action in a cool little aeroplane, ready to put his detective skills to good use to solve a mystery or two.

Each page spread opens up and gives you a main object to find, and a series of other objects that the particularly steely eyed amongst you might also be able to spot (don't worry if you're totally hopeless like me, the answers are also at the back of the book but DON'T TELL THE KIDS!!!)

Dino Detective swoops into action. Can you help him spot the missing characters?
It sounds pretty easy when we describe it but the challenges here are fiendishly tricky and expertly put together by Sophie.

Oh my goodness, are you SURE there's a frog in here? 
It's the sort of book that you convince yourself you can just dip into for a couple of minutes, then look up at the clock hours later to find that you just wanted to find one more object...just one more.

Utterly fab!

"Dinosaur Detective's Search and Find Rescue Mission" by Sophie Guerrive is out now, published by Wide Eyed Editions (kindly supplied for review).