Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Fergus Barnaby Goes on Holiday by David Barrow (Hodder Children's Books)

Here's a tale that many, many parents will identify with - and have probably lived through at least once during the long summer holidays...
Trying to round up the kids for a holiday getaway is such a strategic operation in its own right that we're actually genuinely surprised there aren't more children's books about it.

In "Fergus Barnaby Goes on Holiday" we meet young Fergus, a bear, who is about to dash off with his mum and dad for the perfect summer vacation.

The problem is, Fergus just isn't ready! All the things he needs to take with him - like his bucket and spade, his kite and his swimming goggles, are all out on loan to the various creatures he shares house space with.

Poor Fergus is exhausted before he's even started, as he has to dash up to the first, second and third floors to retrieve his holiday goodies.

He's not the only one with problems though, even when he's ready and packed - Dad is still a bit forgetful and he's forgotten possibly the most important thing of all (we'll leave you to find out just what - or rather who - that is!)

This is classic picture-book loveliness from David, with glorious illustrations, a fun theme and of course a funny twist too. It's a big lovely cuddly huge book for sprawling out on the floor with, and it's definitely been one of our favourite holiday-themed books this summer.

Charlotte's best bit: Poor Dad looks frazzled - a bit like I did just before our trip to Scotland.

Daddy's favourite bit: One that's sure to have parents nodding in acknowledgement, and one that's bound to be a superb reminiscence of kid's holidays this year. Lovely stuff.

(kindly supplied for review).

"Fergus Barnaby Goes on Holiday" By David Barrow is out now, published by Hodder Children's Books.