Thursday, October 26, 2017

Knightology by Dugald Steer, Fabio Leone, Ollie Cuthbertson and David Demaret (Templar Publishing)

Here's a truly fabulous book full of amazing facts all about the valiant Knights of yore, and what better publisher to handle such an amazing subject than Templar!

"Knightology" by Dugald Steer, with awesome illustrations throughout by Fabio Leone, Ollie Cuthbertson and David Demaret, really is a massive and thick volume to dig into for kids who love learning all about knights, jousting, huge castles, amazing quests and fabled mythical objects such as Excalibur, King Arthur's magical sword - and of course the Holy Grail.

It's a sumptuous and luxurious book, that comes with a jewelled inset cover (and more inset jewels at the back of the book when you see that amazing Holy Grail illustration in all its glory).

Learn all about the real-life locations that have become woven into myth and legend such as Pembroke Castle (which we were fortunate enough to visit a couple of summer ago, and is a really mind-blowing place once you see the sheer scale of it).

Don't get on the wrong end of any of these!
Learn all about historical figures like Sir Lancelot and King Arthur himself, and the crusades and quests these amazing people went on.

It's not all about gadding about in armour. A knight's life isn't an easy one.
It's a fantastic book, so rich in detail and beautifully presented. An absolute must for any kids who love learning about these chivalrous folk.

Knightology by Dugald Steer, Fabio Leone, Ollie Cuthbertson and David Demaret is out today, published by Templar Publishing (kindly supplied for review). 

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