Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Tadpole to Frog (American Museum of Natural History / Sterling)

We still love a good board book here on the blog, and we particularly love Sterling's fantastic board books for tiny inquisitive toddlers, written in conjunction with the American Museum of Natural History.
"Tadpole to Frog" is exactly the sort of book that will appeal to little ones who are just beginning to learn about animals and the world around us.

The lifecycle of a frog is an amazing and fascinating thing in its own right, brought to stunning life in this beautifully presented board book.

Featuring tons of amazing photographs of frogs from egg to adult (and of course wriggly tickly tadpoles! What kid can resist those!) and keeping text to a bare minimum, this is perfect for toddlers who love animals and want to find out more about them.

"Tadpole to Frog" from the American Museum of Natural History / Sterling Publishing is out now (kindly supplied for review).