Wednesday 25 October 2017

The Creature by Helen Bate (Otter-Barry Books)

Here's a distinctly different, some may say 'odd' little tale (that's certainly how Charlotte described it) that should delight and thrill little ones...
"The Creature" by Helen Bate is the story of a very odd little fellow who ends up brought into the house by a family's inquisitive cat.

The newcomer looks forlorn, but soon seems to perk up - even becoming a little bit fierce.

Try as they might to get rid of the creature, it always comes back - and soon the family become used to its strange ways, and its terrible pong (and rather bad toilet habits - eeesh!)

The Creature mysteriously decides to build a nest one day, up on the top bunk - and no one knows what the creature is getting up to as it hibernates.

But when it emerges, it's not alone! WHOAH!

We've probably made it sound a little spookier than it turns out, but it's a fun and engaging little story with a very different central character. Certainly one for kids who really want a pet of their own, but might not be aware just how much is involved when giving house room to one.

"The Creature" by Helen Bate is out now, published by Otter-Barry Books.