Thursday, 16 November 2017

Awesome coding fun with the brilliant "Code Your Own Adventure" series by Max Wainewright and Henry Smith (QED Publishing)

Kids absolutely LOVE coding, it's the thrill of seeing something unfold before your eyes that you've had a hand in making.

Kids also really love the Scratch programming language, developed as a really user friendly way of beginning your coding journey by MIT Laboratories, and available as a free download for most PCs and tablets (you can find out more at and get set up in no time at all).

Max Wainewright's books on coding are always fantastic fun, and he uses Scratch as the basis for a whole new set of coding adventures where YOU can be the hero.

In "Code Your Own Space Adventure" Max guides you through a superb set of challenges along with Major Kate, in order to save the Planet Zyskinar from certain doom.

You'll need all your wits about you, but there's tons of help in the book's fantastic and brilliantly laid out page spreads, with superbly zippy retro-style cartoon artwork from Henry Smith.

Uh oh, can you survive an asteroid attack? Major Kate is depending on you so get typing, shorty!
Theres more "Code your Own" adventure fun with a fantastic "Jungle" edition too!

This time you will crack codes and embark on a thrilling amazonian quest with Captain Maria - the quest to find the mythical Lost City of Gold.

The books are gorgeously presented, and superb for kids who are just beginning to want to write their own fun games and routines.

In fact there are so many different topics in the series (including "Knights" and "Pirates") that kids are bound to find one amongst the range that they'll enjoy.

"Code your Own Adventure" series books by Max Wainewright and Henry Smith are out now, published by QED Publishing (kindly supplied for review)