Monday, November 13, 2017

Chibi Samurai wants a Pet by Sanae Ishida (Sasquatch Books)

We really loved the original "Little Kunoichi the Ninja Girl" story from Sanae Ishida and we're delighted to at last see a follow-up...
This time though we meet a new character. Chibi Samurai (Chibi is Japanese for "short" or "small") wants a pet more than anything else in the world.

It seems so unfair! Little Kunoichi the Ninja Girl has an awesome pet ninja bunny - so Chibi Samurai sets off to find a companion for himself. 

He explores many possibilities from Japanese culture, both real and mythical, each time imagining how suitable each would be as a pet. 

Little Kunoichi and her pet bunny cheer him on as he searches and searches, until finally Chibi Samurai realizes that the perfect pet has been with him all along. 

A stag beetle, a favourite in Japanese culture, has been following through all his adventures and is just the right pet for a little samurai! He has awesome fighting skills, and a great set of armour - just like Chibi Samurai himself!

This is a beautifully presented little tale, with Sanae Ishida's perfect watercolour illustrations making this a very attractive story for would-be Ninjas and Samurais. 

"Chibi Samurai Wants a Pet" by Sanae Ishida is out now, published by Sasquatch Books (kindly supplied for review).