Monday, November 13, 2017

Guest Post from Bookabees, a unique kids book club to encourage children to read

A unique kids book club to get more children reading

Every month, our members receive a personalised box of handpicked books, specially curated from 1000s of titles to best cater for age, gender and personal interest. Arriving with the child’s name emblazoned on the front, each box includes tailor-made activities to engage and inspire, such as games, stickers and bookmarks.

With computer games and new technology capturing our little one’s attention, it can sometimes seem like a struggle for children to immerse themselves in books. Currently, literacy rates are falling in the UK, libraries are closing, and parents are feeling overwhelmed by the huge volume of children's titles online and in store. Yet somehow, 31% of children are unable to find books that spark their interest, leading to negative attitudes towards reading from a young age.

Bookabees’ mission is simple - to get more of the right books into more children’s hands. By creating a magical and educational experience around children’s reading, we hope to spark your child’s interest and put the fun back into reading.

Personalised for the child, and with some great activities and of course fabulous books. 

So what is Bookabees?

Suitable for children 0-11yrs, Bookabees curates personalised book lists for each child based on their likes, dislikes and previous book selections. It then amalgamates this information with a clever ‘recommended for’ algorithm and the handpicked lists are popped in a queue ready to be viewed. The Bookabees library is packed full of captivating books for all children to enjoy with the aim is to offer a variety of titles that differ from those that already populate nurseries and schools. So, in addition to some of the well-known classics, Bookabees has been designed to encourage children to discover exciting new books that capture their heart.

What makes the Bookabees experience so unique is that it’s the only UK kids book club where children are directly involved in the selection of the books they receive, choosing which books they’d like in their first box by rearranging their book queue. They, or their parents, can also independently browse the site or app in their own time and add books to the queue.

After two months, members pop these books back in their box (with pre-paid packaging!) to return for other children to enjoy, helping to reduce clutter in your home. Each book is used between 5 to 7 times until it is retired to charity, but those particularly loved titles can be kept forever at a 50% discount of the retail price.

Adrian Dawe, founder of Bookabees, explains; “Bookabees isn’t just a subscription service, it’s an experience that will encourage a true love of reading from the earliest possible age. We want to keep alive the habit of reading physical books, creating a ritual between parent (or grandparent) and child that keeps storytelling magical.

How to get involved
Bookabees provides the ideal gift experience for parents, grandparents or relatives to give to the little one. With a completely flexible subscription that can be cancelled or altered at any time, Bookabees enables you to choose from three subscription levels:

  1. Little: 1 book per month - £2.49 for first month and then £4.99 per month.
  2. Big: 3 books every month - £4.49 for first month and then £8.99 per month
  3. Bigger: 5 books every month - £5.49 for first month and then £10.99 per month
You can find out more about Bookabees on their website: