Friday 17 November 2017

ReaditDaddy's Chapter Book of the Week - Week Ending 17th November 2017 - "Eloise Undercover" by Sarah Baker (Catnip Books)

Our Chapter Book of the Week is a fantastic and gripping adventure story set in the Second World War. Sarah Baker's sublime "Eloise Undercover"...
After our amazing guest post from Sarah, we've finally polished off this stunning book. You can read Sarah's guest post here: A fantastic guest post on the blog today from Sarah Baker, Author of "Eloise Undercover" published by Catnip Books

But what do we think of the book?

The story opens in 1944 in German-occupied France. 12 year old Eloise's family life is wrenched apart by the invading forces, and her beloved father goes missing.

Forced to leave her childhood behind her, Eloise finds only one course of action open to her.

She joins the French Resistance movement, determined to discover her father's fate, and work surreptitiously to undermine the Nazi regime.

It's the start of a gripping page-turner of an adventure that has so many moments of breathlessness, so many delicious twists and cliffhangers that you absolutely have to keep reading way into the wee small hours. Both of us (Charlotte and I) enjoyed the book so much that we can't wait to read "Through the Mirror Door", Sarah's prequel that sets the scene perfectly for this adventure story.

"Eloise Undercover" deals with a very dark period in history in a way that's not too disturbing or upsetting for middle grade readers, but it doesn't shy away too much from the subject matter either, establishing Sarah as one of the most exciting MG writers we've read in a long time.

Hugely enjoyable, we cannot wait to see where Sarah takes us next in her storytelling.

"Eloise Undercover" by Sarah Baker is out now, published by Catnip Books (kindly supplied for review).