Tuesday 21 November 2017

Wakey Wakey Elephant by Linda Ravin Lodding and Michael Robertson (Sterling Children's Books)

Here's an adorable story of a little boy and his pet...Elephant? Yes, let's talk about the snoozing elephant in the room!
In "Wakey Wakey Elephant", Edgar has a colossal problem. His snoring snoozing pet elephant just LOVES to sleep.

Every day Edgar has the same problem...How do you make a snoozing, sleepyhead Elephant get up?

He's tried just about everything he can think of. Hiring a marching band to parade through the room, blaring trumpets and banging drums loudly.

He's even tried knocking up the perfect Elephant-tempting milkshake. But his sleepy pachyderm doesn't want to know. All he wants to do is snooze.

Edgar's a smart kid though, and persistence is its own reward when Edgar has a flash of inspiration, and realises just what he needs to whisper in his buddy's ear to make him jump up with a trumpety-trump!It's Elephant's birthday - and he's suddenly ready to party!

It's a simple but perfectly crafted story with a ticklish trunkful of laughs. Superb Disney-esque illustrations from Michael Robertson really add to an attractive little tale.

"Wakey Wakey Elephant" by Linda Ravin Lodding and Michael Robertson is out now, published by Sterling (kindly supplied for review).