Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Booky Advent Calendar 2017 Day 6 - "Crafty Gifts" by Jane Bull (Dorling Kindersley)

This is the time of year where AT LAST we get to spend some time at home, and if there's one thing we love doing at this time of year, it's making things...!
So our Booky Advent Calendar Day 6 continues with an utterly fabulous 'makes' book from Jane Bull, queen of all things papery, glittery and gluey!

Jane's "Crafty Gifts" should actually be called "Classy Gifts" as she puts her amazing making skills to good use, coming up with tons of amazing ideas to really take your christmas present giving to the next level.

As well as some really amazing papercraft ideas (our favourite type of crafting) there are awesome ways to wrap presents, brilliant things to hang on your christmas tree and of course a ton of other ace projects that aren't just good for Christmas, but for any present-giving at any time of year (yes, even Easter - because that's what we'll be thinking about next!)

Definitely a few of our favourite things!
The book is beautifully presented, as you'd expect from DK with some wonderful photos of the various gift ideas, and clear instructions on how to get started, what materials to use and how to avoid ending up with a huge mess.

Salt Dough is so easy to make, and versatile for a ton of amazing gift ideas
Kids and adults will really love working through this book, it's full of inspiration and fun.

A brilliant idea for small confectionary items. Make an apple pack!
We've really enjoyed making some of these, in fact C took the book into her Playdays sessions at school to give her teachers a few ideas to try out in class.

"Crafty Gifts" by Jane Bull is out now, published by Dorling Kindersley (kindly supplied for review).

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