Sunday, 24 December 2017

Booky Advent Calendar Day 24 - CHRISTMAS EVE! - "Red and Lulu" by Matt Tavares (Walker Books)

For our final Booky Advent Calendar entry on Day 24, Christmas Eve in fact, we've got something truly stunning.

Has there ever been a more magical Christmas destination than New York City in the USA? So good they named it twice?

In "Red and Lulu" this amazing destination weaves a touch of christmas magic for a tale that starts out in the deep dark pine forests.

Red and Lulu live an idyllic life in the woods, but when their home is unceremoniously chopped down, and poor Lulu ends up transported away with it, it's up to Red to try and track her down.

He searches everywhere, and finds her in the most unexpected place. Could this lovely pair make a new home in the Big Apple?

This is a beautifully written and superbly illustrated Christmas story woven with all the ceremony and magic surrounding the Rockefeller Centre Christmas Tree which is what Red and Lulu's pine-tree home becomes.

It's so full of amazing christmassy atmosphere this book, yet Matt also tells a cautionary tale of green issues and deforestation, and the displacement of animals and birds when trees are taken in this way.

The book works on both levels really beautifully and we're pretty sure it's destined to become something of a christmas classic.

"Red and Lulu" by Matt Tavares is out now, published by Walker Books (Kindly supplied for review).