Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Neon Leon by Jane Clarke and Britta Teckentrup (Nosy Crow)

Nosy Crow are kicking off 2018 in fine style with some glorious books for younger readers, including this eye-catching little chap...
"Neon Leon" by Jane Clarke and Britta Teckentrup is a ticklishly entertaining story about fitting in, and if there's one thing chameleons are supposed to be incredibly good at, it's fitting in with their surroundings.

Poor Leon has a problem though. Leon is neon! In fact, he's SO bright that he keeps all the other chameleons awake at night - making all his would-be friends exceedingly grouchy.

Thus begins a quest for Leon - to find somewhere where he can belong, without upsetting others.

We love the involvement this book promotes and it's most certainly eye-catching. Kids can can help Leon on his journey by counting his steps, sending him to sleep and giving him lots of reassurance when he's feeling down.

But will he ever find a place he can fit in...? You'll definitely have to read the book to find out.

C's fave bit: She absolutely loves lizards of all shapes and sizes, so was delighted to see a book featuring her very favourite type of lizard!

Daddy's fave bit: An awesome story about remaining true to yourself, and the journeys we all must take sometimes to find a place that truly feels like 'home'

"Neon Leon" by Jane Clarke and Britta Teckentrup is out now, published by Nosy Crow (kindly supplied for review).