Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Big Book of How: 1001 facts kids want to know (Time Kids Big Books)

I always loved books like this as a kid. With the huge upsurge in the quality of non-fiction books for kids, it's great to see that there's also a huge upsurge in interest in 'how things work' books...
Time Kids have published the "Big Book of How" for a number of years, and the most recently updated version is arguably their best yet.

The latest version crams in over 500 new facts, questions such as "How does Wi Fi work?" or "Who invented the Microwave Oven" are covered as well as a huge range of peripheral subjects from science and nature too.

Want to know what the biggest worm in the world looks like?

Interested in how the Dinosaurs died out, and why some species from the same era survived?

This book mixes together stunning illustrations and photos with a veritable smorgasbord of facts and stats.

Definitely one that will keep kids occupied for absolute ages.

"Big Book of How" is out now, published by Time Kids (kindly supplied for review)

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